Engineer Powerwoman Award

be. a power woman

This was the seventh time that Deutsche Messe honored a trailblazer from the MINT sector with the Engineer Powerwoman Award 2019, which was worth 5,000 Euro and was presented during the networking night on 4th April 2019. 

We are looking forward to see you again next year!

Winner & Nominees 2019

Winner Engineer Powerwoman Award

Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini, Senior Manager Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (Al), Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH.

Kenza is Senior Manager "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence" at Deutsche Telekom IT. Her task is to make the various corporate units fit for digitization by advising colleagues and building the best automation and AI solutions for them. In addition, she promotes the transfer of knowledge about robotics and AI solutions within the Group and externally. Her goal is to promote diversity and inclusion in the development of AI solutions.


Elena Fersman, Research Director Al at Ericsson.

Elena Fersman, Research Director AI at Ericsson, is responsible for a global team of over 100 researchers. She is a lecturer and associate professor of Cyber-Physical Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden), holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Uppsala (Sweden), a Master of Science from the Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg (Russia) and a PhD from the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (France). Elena is co-author of over 20 scientific publications and over 50 patent families.

Maria Belleth, Business Process Lead - Data Acquisition and Automation, Baker Hughes. 

During her time with Baker Hughes, Maria's accomplishments were always perceived. In the field, both as personnel and equipment coordinator, she established a drilling presence in Mexico. In Sales Enablement, she implemented the CRM system for the North America Sales Team and then moved to Sales. As a product manager, Maria drove the hardware and software projects for surface recording systems for drilling services to market.  During her time as Engineering Manager in Drilling Services, she once again broke new ground for women and was responsible for the development of BHGE in Drilling Automation and Digital Technology.  

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